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Amaze me August
If you've been featured, grab a button and display it proudly. This week I've found my way to several awesome new blogs, all thanks to them linking up to my party. I am so thankful that somehow, you find your way here, and choose to participate in my party. It's my pleasure to feature you every week, and I love discovering new blogs. So if you are new here, welcome!! I hope you like my blog, and would be so grateful if you could tell your friends about it too. Thanks a bunch ladies, you are all awesome!!

Natalie @ JOHNNY IN A DRESS had an old ugly rusted out tea kettle. It was heavy, and cast iron, a real beauty, with the help of some spray paint, and vinyl. The color is amazing, and the TEA TIME words are so cute.

Lakshmi @ ADITHIS AMMA SEWS created such a beautiful dress. A purple princess lehenga choli. Lakshmi is so talented, this dress is gorgeous. She has a great photo shoot in this dress too, just beautiful.

Sunny @ SUNNY'S LIFE IN REHAB is the freakin funnies person, I'm telling you. I love her, and her minion kids. With the help of her boys, they redid an old window, from the trash of course, into an amazing full length hallway mirror. WOW, this might be one of my favorite things she's done yet.

Maria @ AGAPE LOVE DESIGNS did an amazing job recreating a really expensive jewelry holder from PB. Using dollar store items, and some spray paint, she made it look almost identical to the original. I am so impressed.

Aubrey @ CRAFTY CHICKA made her little girl a replica of a favorite knit dress from the Gap. I love how easy she makes the tutorial look. I also love how soft, and cuddly this dress looks.

Debra @ LIFE IN A 320sq FOOT HOME first of all has an amazing blog, just discovered it because she linked up here, YAY. Talk about getting creative with storage, this mirror is amazing, just look what's behind it. Yup take a double take right on over to her blog, to see how she did it. What a great, super, incredible idea.

Lori @ SCENE OF THE GRIME redid last years summer wreath, simply by adding a pretty sunflower to it. I love that she used old tshirts for this wreath too, how colorful, pretty, and creative.

Maria @ RAISING 4 PRINCESSES showed us how to twist her little girls hair into some adorable hairstyles. She showed us the trick in creating the rope twist, and all her girls hair turned out so cute.

Denise Angela @ DAME DESIGN STUDIOS turned a regular hockey jersey into a pretty cute dress if I do say so myself. I can't say that I would ever be caught dead in any kind of sports jersey, yuck, BUT this is cute enough that even I might consider it, he he. Awesome job girl.

Anita @ CEDAR HILL RANCH redid her outside daybed. It went from so so, to ohh la la, with a simple new cover, and new pillows. It is just dreamy to say the least, and how pretty is her collie Molly in this picture. ADORABLE!!!


  1. Great features Bella. Loving the hockey jersey dress! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the feature Bella! These are great features!

  3. Bella, thanks so very much for featuring my summery wreath redo post! I am honored :)

  4. Thanks for the feature Bella! You rock........I thanked you on my post today too! I saw the feature last week but could not blog issues!

  5. Thanks for the mention! You're awesome!

  6. Thanks for featuring the Purple Lehenga Choli. I really really love your blog.


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