Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo ~ FISH TACOS ~

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
For lunch today I decided to make something really yummy.
Cinco De Mayo sounds like a good reason to have some Mexican food, right? For breakfast I had egg and cheese tacos, and didn't even remember it was the 5th today, lol. Wrap anything in a tortilla and you your meal is perfectly packages and ready to devour. Today, I had some fish that was begging to go in there. 

w/ fresh salsa 

You want to make this? It's SO easy!

-Mahi Mahi fish (or any other kind of fish you prefer)
-Refried beans (fat free kind, or 99%anyway, ha ha)
-La Tortilla corn tortillas (they are so good, and don't tear)
-Shredded Lettuce (Romaine)
- Fresh Salsa
 Oh mama, can you taste this? I LOVE fresh salsa!!!!
 My beautiful Mahi Mahi, getting all juicy, and yummy. I already took a small nibble, can you see it, he he. I simply seasoned the fish with a blackened seasoning rub, some extra salt, lemon pepper, and then squeezed fresh lemon juice at the end.
 My favorite corn tortillas!! They are seriously the softest, chewiest, hearty corn tortilla ever, and for those who don't like corn tortillas, this is perfect, it doesn't have the strong CORN flavor or smell.
 I so couldn't resist eating more fish. Oh mama, it was so good.
 Grill those tortillas people, on a open flame if you can. Get it nice and charred, oh yeah, that's good.
 Spread some beans, add some fish, and try not to eat more than two tacos, lol.
I actually didn't even try to stop at two, even though I should have. I just had to have THREE, what can I say. 

And since there was nobody to celebrate with, and it was noon, and Dino was looking at me, and I'm trying to lose weight, AND most importantly I didn't have one.......
I couldn't have a beer, and had some cran-pomegranate juice instead. Oh well, I'd say it was a perfect meal regardless.

CHEERS, and hope you enjoy it when you make it!!!

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