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Amaze me August #29 ~ LIVY CREATIONS ~

Welcome to the 29th weekly edition of:
This week I am really excited to share with you all a friends Etsy shop. I just met her, last week, BUT yes my friend people, he he. She is super sweet, very cute, Polish, and incredibly talented. What more can you ask for. 
Please check out her Etsy shop, and show her some love. 

Aga as her friends call her, is the talent behind these fabulous creations. She just started this business late last year, when she realized she wanted to be home with her girls, but still make money. Livy Creations was born. She has come a long way, in a really short time, because of her determination, and passion. I really look forward to getting to know her better, and learning from her. I'm sure you all will find her very inspirational too, and that's why I just had to feature her today.

Here are some of my FAVORITE things from her shop. 
Most of her creations are made from burlap, and I love that she focuses on letting the simple beauty speak for itself. These pillows are classic, and would look great in anybody's home or office, just saying, I really love them. 
Tonight-not tonight pillow case 12x18
Tonight-not tonight pillow case 12x18
Tell me that pillow isn't awesome. I want it, and think EVERY married couple should have one, it's so fun. 
Bouquet of rose burlap pillow with red piping 20x20

Black and White burlap throw pillow case 13x27

Burlap throw pillow cases 14x14
She even makes custom burlap table runners, and placemats. Hand painted, and completely personalized. 
Burlap table linen set (1 runner and 6 placemats)
There is tons more to see, so please check her out:
and you can also follow her on facebook, she just updated a bunch of new pillows you won't want to miss. 
Make sure you guys tell her Bella sent you!!

Alrighty then, now that I got you all drooling over those pillows, how about we get this party started!!
Remember I've been trying to reach 100 link ups????

Ok, well, I still haven't done it, lol, that's my point, maybe you guys all forgot, so here's my little reminder. 
I want to reach 100 link ups, so help me by grabbing a button, and posting it to your blog, post, facebook, tweet about it, anything, just help me get the word out about the party. 
I love you guys, and thanks in advance, you are the BEST!!

Now have fun, and show me what you got. 


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  1. Hi, Bella! What cute pillows! Thanks for hosting.

  2. Thanks for the invite! What a cute blog. I linked up the pretzels! I hope you enjoy.

    If you haven't checked out the Spring Fling ~ 14 Days of Fabulous Giveaways yet, you should. My giveaway starts at midnight tonight (3/21). There are also 5 other giveaways going on now. Just thought I'd let you know... everyone likes free stuff, right?

  3. Here's to 100! Good luck!

    Those pillows are so darn cute! Love them!

  4. Thanks for letting me link up. Almost halfway to your goal!

  5. hi bella--thanks for hosting this! Is it always on Monday? I really need to make a list of these parties so I can remember. :)


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