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When I posted THIS POST, asking for help, and then sent an email to my bloggy friends, I never expected so many people to respond.I am blessed with wonderful friends, and I had a ton of ladies, who were more than willing to keep you all entertained while I get better, or get some sleep, or paint my garage, whatever, he he. The point is, I am SUPER LUCKY, super THANKFUL, and SUPER excited to introduce you all to Michelle from 

"I blog about the adventure my sweetie Justin and I are on as we transform our first home into our forever home! A ton of remodeling, a bit of crafting, a sprinkling of recipes, and a TON of US."
Michelle, and her hubby started blogging to document their DREAM home transformation. It's been so much fun watching them work on their home. Then just yesterday she posted something that really spoke to me, it was like she was speaking for all of us bloggers. I think she could surely use all of our support right now, so make sure you go read THIS post on THE COLD HARD FACTS, and let her know she is not alone. I know I'm there right now, he he. If you haven't been to her blog yet, make sure you stop by and say hello, she is AWESOME. 

Love ya Michelle!!!
Today she is sharing with us one of her favorite recipes. 
It sounds HEAVENLY, and so BAD at the same time, he he.


Growing up, this recipe was a staple at any special family brunch.
The boys would have contests to see who could devour the most in one sitting,
And leftovers are always fought over.
What am I speaking of?
Fat Pills of course!
Cinnamon Rolls to those not "in the know"

Ingrediant List:
Can biscuits (the regular size.  Grands do not cook up the same)
Spreadable Butter
Confectionery Sugar
Whole Milk

Step 1
On a lightly floured surface, roll out a few biscuits

Step 2
Butter the surface of your biscuit

Step 3
In a bowl, combine a fair amount of sugar and cinnamon
Sprinkle a spoonful of the mixture onto your buttered biscuit

Step 4
Roll the biscuit (tugging a bit as you roll to strech out the dough)

Step 5
This is accomplished by picking up the roll, twisting it while gently tugging to stretcch the dough.
Next, wrap it around your finger
Finally, shove the tail up into the whole where your finger is

Step 6
Place them very close together on a cookie sheet
Bake at the directed temperature (found on the can) until golden brown on top

Step 7
While those are cooking, mix up your frosting
In a bowl, pour in a box of confectionery sugar and enough milk to the mixture to create the texture your prefer
Add vanilla to taste

Step 8
Cover the cinnamon rolls with the frosting as soon as the come out of the oven.
Cool and serve

Thank you so much girl. I loved having you here today!

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  1. Yummy! I might make these on Sunday. Thanks for sharing.

    Spring Fling giveaway today @ Luxe Boulevard.

  2. Great guest post! Gonna have to try these! Hey Bella I know your MIA right now but... Just wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog! YOU ROCK and I am awarding you with the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Hope you'll head over to to check it out! XOXO

  3. No way I'll make them, I vow not to open Pandoras box! :D


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