Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bella is asking PRETTY PRETTY please, won't you make a PRETTY PRETTY CARD, for Operation Write Home, you know you WANT tooo!!!

I've got to ask ALL of you, to help out with this project. I urge everyone to commit to making AT LEAST one card, and to spread the word. I would love to see all of join together and do something SO simple, yet make such an impact. 

For those of you with family in the military right now, PLEASE share any thoughts, or stories with us, and above all let everyone know, how much even a simple little card can make such a huge difference to someone far from home. 

Hey everyone, last week I had my friend Moriah here from FUZZY SLIPPERS showing you guys a great DAD card she made for OWH. I know my tutorial, if you can even call it that, was pretty sad, OK, I admit, I didn't even have one, lol. However I will, I am right there with most of you, haven't done it yet. I tried, failed, BUT am willing to try again. I am hosting this link up along with FUZZY SLIPPERS, and you know for some REAL help you can always head on over there, she is the master, while I am the one with the big mouth, urging you all t make a card, when I couldn't make one myself, YET!!!

Remember if all else fails, EVEN a store bought card, or making one with your kids, simply saying THANK YOU, is more than enough, and so very appreciated. 

If any of you are willing to make a commitment to making ONE card, please let us know, write up a quick post and let others know about what we are doing here, and link up below, then when you've finished the card, please link that up too so we can all see :)

This party will stay open at LEAST until March, but depending on the kind of response we get, we may extend it, or start another one. 

Right now, OWH, is requesting SPRING related cards, easter, spring, mothers day, fathers day, that sort of thing. Please always check their direct website HERE, for all the latest news, and details. Feel free to ask us anything too, and we will help out with whatever we can. 

So come on gals, with all your craftiness, I am challenging all of you to show me what you got, and MAY the BEST CARD WIN. 

Win what, well a SPECIAL shout out from Moriah and I, and knowing that you have made SOMEONE, very happy. It's reward enough for me, and I know all of you would agree. 
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Feel free to add yours, if you think I'd like it :)
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PLEASE note this PARTY is for CARDS You make for OWH. DO not link up other projects here, make sure you go to the top of my blog, and click on the Amaze me August Button, for the latest link party. 
A couple of you linked up your fabulous projects here, and I moved them for you :) No worries, just making sure everyone knows this is for CARD MAKING, and nothing else, lol. 
Love ya!!!


  1. I already went to Joann's and got some cardstock. That is the game plan for Saturday.

  2. I can only afford what I have on hand, so I am going to use that. I'm linked up with my post above and will get started on the card sometime this week. I've got lots of homework but wanted to hold myself accountable by linking my "pledge" tp take the callenge. I hope you like my post!

  3. Once I get done with the Valentine *stuff* I will sit down and make a card or two for the party. :)

  4. Hi, thanks so much for the Amaze Me August feature! your button is up on my sidebar now.

  5. Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... Sent Me your way! I'm her Mother!

  6. I'm linked up again! Got them done? Are we going to send them to OWH directly?


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