Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vitamin and Medicine Cabinet ~~ Day 13 & 15 of 21 day challenge ~~

I've been participating in this awesome 21 day organizing challenge with Toni from 
Only I've not done all the days in order, and neither have I posted about them BAD BELLA. Anyway, I have TONS of pics, because I really have been cleaning out, especially with being stuck in the house for almost a week. 

Here is my how I store my Medicine, and Vitamins. 
I have a shelf set up in my laundry, pantry room. Before, it was kind of a mess. So I cleaned that baby up, and of course threw out all empty containers, and expired meds.  I really do not use medicine, hardly at all, and we do not take vitamins on a regular basis either. After reading Toni's list of vitamins, I may look into that, and start taking some. Thanks Toni, for explaining that to us. On the top shelf I stored some batteries, in old sour cream containers, and such, as  a last attempt at disguising them so everyone in the house would't go crazy replacing batteries 24/7, but they found my secret stash, go figure. :) 

After looks better, much better.
Top shelf, still holds batteries, but much cleaner looking, I just used clear, containers, this time.
Next shelf, holds misc pills, and packets, in that container on the left, then pain meds, nasal sprays, kids fever reducers, cough drops.
Next shelf, holds our weird vitamin collection, that my hubby buys, I don't take that , and neither does he, kind of defeats the purpose.
Last shelf, is rubbing alcohol, iodine, bandaids, you know boo boo stuff. 
Thats about all guys, we really do not use much more. I have my ace bandages in my nightstand, for all those late night growing pains the kids get, along with some vicks, or other menthol rub, or chest rub downs when they are congested. 

Oh and have you guys EVER used egg whites to bring down fevers. 
I have, and it works REALLY good, especially with little princess who is my fever queen. I just get a couple egg whites per foot, put it  in a plastic baggie, then on her bare foot, put a rubber band on to hold it on, slap a sock on, and watch the fever go down. 
KIND OF LIKE MAGIC, only better. 

I will try to post the rest of my organizing days, throughout the day and tomorrow, so hopefully I can get all caught up. 

THANKS again TONI, love this challenge!!

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  1. OK wait--let me get this straight. You put the egg whites in a baggie and seal it and then put the baggie on her foot? I've heard of vicks on the feet for cough but never egg whites for fever! Interesting!


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