Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a SNOW start to the NEW YEAR & FEATURES baby!!

I have been nominated for BEST in SHOW @
for our mini CAKE gallery
I was just spreading the word on what I plan on doing here, some CAKE DECORATING TUTORIALS, and we got nominated for BEST in SHOW. I was pretty stoked when I saw this, and then NOT so stoked when I saw we only had 3 votes, well 4 now that I voted, lol. SO would you guys PLEASE go show me your love, and vote for me. I would seriously be so happy. I know it's silly, BUT I WANT TO WIN, darn it. THANK YOU!!!!

Now on to todays post!!!
You can not even imagine what it's like being literally stuck in your home for like a week. Or can you? Ok so we are all wimpy here in the south, and have no idea what to do when snow is in the forecast, but what do you expect when the next morning, all roads are covered in black ice, and there are hills everywhere. What are you supposed to do? 

Last Sunday night the south was hit with a huge snow storm, (ok, we only got like 4-6 inches of snow) but it was HUGE. We went grocery shopping, (luckily we were out of many things) otherwise, I think we would have been stuck without a ton of stuff, not realizing how bad it was going to get. The next day, all roads were covered in snow, and if you even attempted to drive, well I couldn't even get out of my driveway, let alone drive down the street. School was canceled. The next day brought more freezing temperatures, and more ice. Snow wasn't melting, and the roads were even more dangerous. This lasted literally until Thursday when I finally made it out of the house for the first time, and it was scary as hell. My van was slipping everywhere, and there were stranded vehicles at every corner. It was crazy!!!! 

Needless to say, my entire family, along with everyone else in the state, for that matter, has been a little crazy this past week. We've watched more movies than I care to think of, and have been eating, and eating, and eating. Not a great way to keep a new years goal of getting in shape. However I did manage to get SOME organizing done, but did NO blogging at all. My family kind of took over this week, and I just couldn't focus on my blog, while I tried, I just couldn't do it. So anyway, I'm glad to get back to normal, kids are back to school tomorrow, THANK goodness. 

I am so glad to be back, and sorry to have neglected you all. Hope you understand. 

Here are my favorites from week #18, and #19. I am thinking of changing things up a bit, with how I want to do my party, and features. I hope you guys will like it better. Maybe I'll have it ready by next week, hopefully!!

Lori @ Paisley Passions shared her top 10 and I just love her so much, and of course this table just made me all happy seeing it again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it so much. Lori is awesome, Lori is great, just go say hello to this fabulous lady, before it's to late :)

Bonnie @ Somewhere in Craftland created an AWESOME picture art display of  all 10 kids, and 49 grandkids, for her parents. Complete with the most adorable saying "All because he ate his cabbage casserole." For the complete story, and recipe, and tutorial you must go say HELLO to this amazing lady.

Patricia @ In the MOM Zone took an old ugly CHEAP train table, and with the help of some chalkboard paint, and chalk, created such a cute way to play with cars, trains, or airplanes. I love this table now. Go say hello to this lovely new blogger, and show her some support.

Tahemeem @ Tahemeems Blog created some YUMMY Fried Nutella  Banana  Ravioli. I mena seriously who wouldn't want to sink their teeth into these. They sound absolutely divine. I love this girl, she has a wonderful cooking blog, and she is just the sweetest friend. Go say hello and to be safe do it after you eat, lol.

Suzanne @ Thrift Store Decor Junkie redid a little end table. Her goodwill has dollar days, and she got this for a dollar , WHAT, my goodwill NEVER does that no fair, lol. Anyway, a little paint, and this is what she has now. Pretty cute hugh?? Well , she is pretty cute too, and kinda funny, I like that. Go say hello to my new friend.

Amy @ Flexible Dreams just had to pick the most adorable owl fabric ever. I never realized how much I actually love owls. Well how can you not lobe these ones, so cute, they are all looking at me, so darling. SHe gave us all a wonderful tutorial on appliques, and even though I don't have babies anymore, I would gladly sport a few of these cutie pies on my shirt ( I think) he he.

Jae @ Chronicles of all things Mommy created a BEAUTIFUL tshirt necklace. YUP, I'm telling you, out with the old tshirt, in with the NEW necklace. he he. This is awesome, I'm going through my stash of old stuff right away this is just fantastic. Go read all about how to do it, how fun!!!

WOW so what do you guys think of all that???

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends, who come here week after week, to support me in my blog, and link up to my parties I really appreciate you guys so much. I enjoy having each and every one of you here. For those that were FEATURED please grab yourself a button, and display it proudly. 

Don't forget to Link up this week, and ENTER my CSN Store giveaway. Click HERE!!!


  1. This is amazing... loved ur features.. thanks a lot for featuring me :)
    If u are out of nutella u can make with peanut butter too :)
    I especially love the t-shirt necklace :)

  2. I heard about that terrible snow/ice storm. Glad the worst is over for you.

    Thank you so much for the very nice feature! The project was a ton of fun and my parents LOVE it.

    Bonnie from somewhereincraftland.blogspot.com


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