Thursday, December 2, 2010

Up @ 3am ~~ I must be CRAZY~~

Well, yeah kinda!!

So as you all know I have BIG, HUGE, GIVEAWAY coming up, and I needed a facelift, on my blog. I couldn't exactly promote this thing looking all weird and messy and stuff, so I've been meaning to go under the knife for a while now, and at least for tonight, I think I am satisfied. THANK you LORD!!

I know everything is kinda plain, but it was just to much before, and since I CAN NOT be changing my blog all the time, because I don't have the time, oh man, I wanted a clean look, that will just be well ME, as much as a plain white blog can be. I am still deciding on many more things, but since I am a creature of habit, I want you all to KNOW me, and my buttons, and my header, and the look of this place, and KNOW where you are, right away. So therefor, I again, can't go changing it around all the time, even though I want to ( sometimes, like tonight ).

Anyhow, I am tired, like CRAZY tired, but you know your comments, are always welcome. In fact, I want to know, what do you think about my new look?? Can you even remember what it was like before, lol??

Next I am working on a SPONSORS area, because it's about time I get me some of those, :)

I also added a blog roll, because it makes me SUPER happy when I see me on yours, and plus it's so easy to glance, and then off you go to check something really cool out. It's a great way to QUICKLY see what's going on.

Oh and I have been SUPER bad with labeling my posts, don't ask me why, but it's the HADEST thing for me to do. I can't decide or figure out an easy, practical way to do this, and no end up with a gazillion labels. Any ideas, please share.

I also will be adding more pages very soon, and I will be creating my FACEBOOK page, just in case you were dying to LIKE me on there too, he he. That's about all I think. Yeah I know everyone is also twittering, but if I join that bandwagon too, you guys are going to have to hire me a nanny, chef, maid, and my kids will wonder where their mommy went. So until I grow more hands, or get a second brain, I think this is all I can handle for now.

Goodnight guys!!

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)

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  1. This outlook looks elegant... Old one was good too.. but we need a change sometimes.. :)


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