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Tricia from LEAFY TREE SPOT, is here today ~~ Come say hello ~~

Check it out, Tricia has come to share on my blog today.
I am so excited and thrilled to be doing my very first blog swap!
Thank you Tricia!!

Hello Bella Before and After Readers, I'm Tricia from Leafy Tree Top Spot and Leafy Tree Top Shop.   I love to create in just about any form: sewing, baking, knitting, book binding, painting, ect.  My blog is a collection of such projects.  I try to provide tutorials, templates, recipes, and instruction when possible.  I'd love it if you stopped by and said hello.

I'm really excited to be swapping blogs with Bella today.  She is a genuinely sweet girl, and I always love to see what she is up to.

On my blog I am currently hosting a Holiday Recipe Week.  I hope you'll stop by, add your favorite holiday recipe to the link party, and find that perfect holiday treat to share with your friends and family. You really need to stop by to check out Bella's English Trifle recipe.

Although I occasionally post recipes, I am typically sharing sewing projects.  I thought that I'd give you a taste of what you might find on a regular basis. This is a simple and fun way that you can add dimension and detail to a holiday pillow, stocking, onesie, or t-shirt.

The Holly Berry Applique

This is a really fun and inexpensive way to dress up a shirt for the holidays.  

You'll need:
 3 reddish buttons
1 scrap piece of green material
Sewing Machine and Thread
Item to be appliqued

I used craft felt for this project. It is nice to work with because you don't need to worry about finishing off any of the edges.  Do not use craft felt if you plan on washing the appliqued item frequently.  If you plan on the item having limited use, then felt is perfect.

Cut two to three holly leaf shapes, to the size and scale of your  item.  I elongated the leafs slightly, knowing that I'd be lightly gathering them.

Adjust your machine stitch settings so that your stitch length is longer (4.5 on my machine), and loosen the tension on your machine (4).  This will allow you to make a long loose stitch that will gather nicely.

Stitch down the center of each holly leaf.  Leave the end strings long, and do not back stitch to start or finish your center stitch line.

Tie a knot at either end of gathered leafs.
Gather your stitch line by pulling on the bobbin thread (underside thread).  You may want to gather the stitch from either end.  I only lightly gathered the leafs.  When you have gathered each leaf the desired amount, tie a knot on either end of your leaf.  Doing so will keep your gather secure.  Trim the excess thread.
Stitch down the center of gathered leafs.

Stitch around perimeter.

Triple Stretch Stitch: Option 3  Satin: Option 4 with stitch length reduced so that stitches fall close together.
Readjust your sewing machine stitch length and tension.  Position your holly leafs on your t-shirt, or pillow case.  Pin in place.  Stitch down the center of the leafs, overlapping the original stitching line. Once you have stitched down the center, you will want to stitch around the perimeter of each leaf. I like to use a triple stretch stitch for this step.  If you are using a material that will fray, you will want to use a zig zag, or satin stitch to finish off the edges.

When your leafs are attached, and edges finished, you can attach your holly berries.  I used buttons for my applique.  If you are appliqueing this for a child's shirt you will want to make sure that any small parts are securely attached.  You can also use small red circles of fabric for the berries.

That's it.  A simple, fast, and inexpensive applique for the holidays.

Thanks Bella for letting me stop by and letting me share this project.
Gosh isn't that cute? I'm telling you Tricia is always creating the cutest little things, and easy too. I love that. Besides sewing she is also an AWESOME artist. I stumbled upon her small, hidden, barely noticable Etsy shop button, one day, and freaked. Check out some of her adorable paintings.
Art Print, All the Little Piggies (8x10 Print)5x7 print, Love Birds nestled in a treePrint 5x7, Flying the Coop, rustic chicken hen
I know, totally cute, right???

And these are some of my favorite projects she's done.

Ok, Somebody STOP me, you get the idea right, she is talented, fun, and FULL of awesome unique, projects.
Go check her out, and tell her I sent you, he he.

As I mentioned I am sharing over there today. 
Go see my English Trifle Recipe.

Don't forget to link up, I have two parties going on.


As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Cute cute things and very talented! Thank you for introducing us! Off to check out more!! :)

  2. Thank you, Bella, for this post. It's so generous-hearted of you.

    I'm your new follower too! What a lovely blog you have!


  3. Thanks Bella for allowing me to visit your blog. I appreciate your kind words. You really are a sweetheart.

  4. Wow, very very cute stuff! Heading over there now to check out more!

  5. Very fun! Thank you for sharing!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  6. super cute :) Come on over and link up to MMM!

  7. I love leafy tree top, she does do great things! This holly leaf is so cute, and similar to one I did on my Christmas tree skirt. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  8. The buttons make it look so cute I love that they are all different!


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