Monday, October 18, 2010

Amaze me August #7~~ In other news!!

I must tell you guys some exciting news. I FINALLY got my Halloween decorations out, and started decorating today. I hardly scratched the surface, BUT, at least it's started. Shoot I was getting worried there, man I had nothing done yet. Can't wait to show you guys some things I'm working on. 

**A special THANK YOU to Ami, @ Ali Lilly, for offering to do my first giveaway. If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway please send me an email, with the details. **   

In other news, I dropped 2 pounds this week. I missed a couple days (4 to be exact) of going to the gym. I told you guys that everytime someone gets sick. I was not kidding, lol. My princess is better, but my Dinosaur is now sick again. So endless fun over here. I did manage to go shopping with my sister this weekend. Totally out of the blue, ended up shopping for Saris. Pictures to come, it was my first time wearing one, and let me tell you I LOVED it.

My godmother is visiting from Canada, and mommy and daddy are arriving next week. So we are busy here. Be prepared for a special post on Pizza, from my godmother. She taught me everything about making pizzas. When mommy reaches, it will be all about Kerala cooking baby. Yummy. My mom, is busy with cake making, and I look forward to starting a special on here, all about cake decorating. I love decorating cakes, just never take any step by step pics, but have to start doing that, you guys will love it.

Alrighty then, that's about it. I plan on getting my decorations, costumes, props, goody bags done this week. Next week is for food shopping, and cooking. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Barely 11 days until the party.

Time for another AMAZING week of projects, recipes, tutorials. You gals really amaze me, and hopefully others too. Keep up the good work, and THANK you for joining me again!

For all Halloween projects please link up at my other party!
**6 weeks 2 Spook** 

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)

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