Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do you want to do a giveaway?

I am looking for sponsors.
Pretty soon I will have reached 100 followers, can hardly believe it. Just yesterday I was excited that I had reached 10. So needless to say I am thrilled. I noticed so many blogs hosting some really cool giveaways, as THANK YOU's to their followers. I would also like to do a giveaway, so I am looking for sponsors.

If you are interested or know of someone who is, please contact me at bellabeforeandafter@gmail.com. Also if you have done giveaways before would you please be so kind as to tell me how you went about getting the sponsor. Do you ask around, or place a help wanted post like me, lol. I am still very new to this, and while googling this kind of stuff crossed my mind, I figured you awesome people would surely give me the best advice anyway.

I am very grateful for all the support I have recieved, and now am looking to reward you with a little something. So send me what you got, and help a sister out, ya know.

I am hoping to get all the info I need by the time I reach 100 followers, but if you guys keep it coming like you have been it will be very soon. So all the help I can get is needed as soon as possible, or else the giveaway will be in celebration of 100+ followers, which is totally fine by me too.


As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. I have joined affiliate groups like Comission Junction and Shareasale. You can go through their list and pick which sponsors you want. You only get paid if someone buys something from their site though. Some you get paid by people just clicking on their ad. If you want to earn more money then it is in your bet interest to promote their sites. Some will offer you things but more often they will offer your readers a special discount on their items. The other way to go about it is just what you are doing. Other blogs will do giveaways to promote their blogs. I will be selling things from my blog in the future so maybe I will do a giveaway here then!

  2. I was wondering the exact same thing! Great questions- I can't wait to read all the answers :)


  3. Wow, 100?? You are one people magnet Bella ;) ;) Wonder what the husband thinks of this :))
    Damn you have put me to shame where I am averaging 1 subscriber per month for the last 22 months I have been blogging.. You figure the math.. Haha.. So, the point is, sorry, dont have any tips that I can give you in this regard!
    But wanted to say: Way to go girl, you are AWESOME!!!!

  4. Congrats on your followers/friends! You have a wonderful blog! I did a give away of one of my pieces of jewelry a while ago. I am not sure how to go about getting sponsor or anything like that. I know that sometimes people will purchase things to give away, something small but meaningful! See what Funky Junk Interiors is giveaway on her blog, that might give you some ideas too!


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