Friday, September 24, 2010

A new follower, and boxes from Sams Club

Part 1~~~
Hey guys as Part of my 100 day challenge I started yesterday, I was up at 5am this morning. I wanted to be able to get an hour or so of QUALITY time to myself, and since it's my choice what to do that makes me happy, working on my blog it will be, he he. My goal is that for the rest of the day when kids are around, or husband is home, I will give them my UNDIVIDED attention, until they can't stand it anymore, and tell me to go blog, lol. Yeah as if that will happen.

Ok so anyway, I noticed I had a few new followers today, BIG :) and while checking out this lovely over at Bouffee Bambini I came across one of her more recent posts about a couple who documented nine months of their  with over 1,280 still pictures, and made it into a mini documentary for their new baby girl Eliza, so after watching it, and crying, cuz it was the cutest thing ever, I had to share the smile, and happy tears with you guys too. Thanks Hanna for bringing a smile to my face this early in the day, and for having a fun, and adorable blog too. I love it!!!

Here's the video---Eliza
Part 2~~~

I made the dreaded trip to Sams Club yesterday to buy trash bags, lol. Yes I know why is that so scary, I'll tell you. Trash bags cost me about $9.00 for a huge box, not bad, that's why I go to Sams Club, but does ANYONE, EVER escape without spending like $300, not me. It's like a consumers worst nightmare, being sucked into the merchandising marvels, who make it seem like you can't live without yet more pasta, or detergent, how about more coffee, chips, whatever, you get the idea.

So yesterday was no exception, I thought of buying way more, just because I knew I would eventually need it, so might as well get it while I was there, lol. Yeah OK, not this time, Sams Club, not this time. While I did get a few things in addition to the trash bags, like nesquick, a bag of ORANGE microfiber cloths ( trying my version of something Halloween , lol ), and a super size bag of assorted chocolates, because there were none at the checkout for 50 cents, had to buy a whole bag, just to give DINO one mini bag of M&Ms, ok two, but shhh. I did manage to leave the rest behind. The way I did it, besides having an EXTREMELY inpatient toddler with you, who was screaming every 2 seconds, for more chocolate, or that he was tired, and to take him home, was this. Since trying to eat as much ORGANIC as possible, it was a pretty easy choice not to stock up on the stuff I used to. Such as spaghetti sauce, which I buy at TRADER JOES now, for about the same price as Sams. Or my produce, apples, romaine, potatoes, carrots, etc. which I buy ORGANIC for not the same price (higher) from reg stores, usually Kroger, but since they are on the DIRTY DOZEN @ EWG'S I do try and buy organic, especially those things. This website, is so full of useful and SCARY information on all things we use on our bodies. You should really check it out, if nothing else but to get an idea of what is in your sunscreen, or shampoo, or toothpaste. Scared the heck out of me, and while I thought yeah I won't make that switch for a while, not that important, it has been made slowly as well. More on that later, I promise, as I really want to bring attention to this even if only in my small way.

Ok and the trip was pretty much completed for under $40,, woo hoo. Then with literally nothing in my shopping cart, NEVER happens, I end up leaving with it OVERFLOWING with boxes. 

Yeah BOXES, there was one that caught my eye, then another, and before I knew it, I was trying to find all of them, that were like that. Ideas were swimming in my head like mad sharks, and I couldn't resist. By this point, my son was freaking out, and everyone at the store, was looking at me all weird, but hey I NEEDED these, you know cuz,  I would NEVER find them again, if I didn't snatch them up right there, and then. I am so glad I did, because I have some goodies in store for you guys, well for me I guess, and hopefully you will think it's cool enough to copy, lol. Isn't that the ultimate form of flattery anyway? 

You want to see the boxes, Ok here's a couple, and now that you saw it, don't go trying to beat me to anything yet OK. I want to be the first, yeah I wish, to show you all my IDEAS on what to do with these boxes. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Thanks for reading all this, and I hope you did, it was actually IMPORTANT, so if you didn't go back and read, much better. Thanks :)

Don't forget to enter any cool projects you are working on NOT Halloween related HERE.
Anything and Everything HALLOWEEN related HERE.

Attention everyone, I just accidentally found out the COOLEST thing ever, while adding these pics, they were all highlighted, and when I clicked add image, ALL 3 added at the same time. If you already knew this please don't laugh, BUT I was spending like FOREVER adding each one individually and oh man this is awesome. So there you have it, a new tip, and you found it here. lol. Ok, I guess  it's still early, and I'm just acting silly now, but Those boxes up there, are RAD. I hope to take what is in my head, and make it happen, and hopefully it will be even better when done, and not another one of my moments, Bad moments, that is. 

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Thanks for for following back and thanks for all the lovely comments. The twinkle that comes from the flash is a special lense for my camera:)


  2. Thanks for the sweet comment. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night so I'll blame it on that but I didn't understand your request. Do you have a party going on. I couldn't find one. And, I couldn't find your email address to contact you directly or reply to your comment so that's why the little book here. :-) Must sleep!

  3. Lol, you put up pictures of the SAM's club boxes. It sucks about sunscreen... You heard about how all the sunscreens cause cancer? Even the baby ones? Only some are considered safe. I had to buy Badger this summer which costed $15 for a tiny tube no bigger than toothpaste. Don't be so hard in yourself with spending $300 bucks at Sam's - its how much we'd spend. Everything there costs $10. It adds up. I loved it when I didn't have to buy diapers and wipes anymore. Now it's easy mac, nestly chocolate, prego, kid vitamins, shampoo, soap, sanitizer, salad..... Yeah and don't forget the slurpee or slice of pizza after you've paid (for the kids). You know what's good that my mom made once if u want to make it for your halloween party? Chocolate pizza with marshmellows! Yummy. U can buy orange marshmellows and put fake spiders on it... Yum. Ciaosky.

  4. Okay, I totally get your amazement with being able to put up three pictures at once. I went other way and was freaking out because it kept putting all my pictures up at once and I only wanted ONE!

    I wish I was on blogspot or you were on wordpress. I cannot get the RSS feed thingy to work. I have the link on my page but when you click it you just get a page full of weird text. That sucks.

    Dying to know what you will do with the boxes. Did you see this link here?

    She is our kinda girl, Bella! I'm dying to do this but today, my one day off, I'm spending with a girlfriend at the Randolph Street Vintage Fair. Oh yes in deedy.

  5. Hey there, thank you for all your comments, it's been like a treasure hunt finding them. :) I avoid Costco like the plague unless I know I have $300, haha! Good for you getting up early. I have to get up to serve my Grandparents breakfast, it's usually dark but when I get home (a few blocks away) I never get anything done. Try as I may...I am not a morning person, never have been and at 40 probably won't start now. I sit in quiet reserve until my blood starts pumping around 10. Luckily I only have one child who prefers mornings. :)

  6. Hi Bella,

    Congrats dear, within a month, you have posted 29 entries, that's amazing..keep it up!

  7. Thanks so much for your sweet comments dear, do let me know when is your party, would love to participate and guest post sounds interesting too..Take care and be happy...

  8. Hi Bella,
    Thanks so much for the comments and for the feature! Can you send me the permalink for the feature so I can add the button (with the link) to my page? I enjoy linking up so I hope to do so again this week :-)


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