Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Proud to be an AMERICAN

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share a quick update I posted on my personal facebook page this morning, and I wanted to get your thoughts on it too. Many of my friends had some very strong feelings about the election, and while I'm not very political at all, I had to share my thoughts about the election last night.

I've kept quite and smiled when people would give me their rant about their political point of view. I tried to listen, and get everyones side as much as possible.  I always tried to put myself in their shoes and see where they were coming from. It was enough to make me go crazy!!! You know why, because you can never make EVERYONE happy.

I refuse to call myself red or blue, democrat or republican, liberal or whatever else there is out there. I just can't do it. I can't say that I'm 100% anything. The only thing I know for sure is despite it all, this country still stands for OPPORTUNITY for so many. We have freedoms that others can't even dream of, and my father came to this country for a better life as did so many others. They can't all be wrong, we have something special going on in this country. The sooner we realize how lucky we truly are, and start appreciating all we have, the faster we can say GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

Here's what I had to say on my update this morning:

I am proud to be an American! I feel sad that some people don't feel the same way "anymore".... Since when do we all get what we want all the time?? It's impossible to please everyone, and having said that I for one am very pleased with our reelected PRESIDENT OBAMA. I hope that we can accept it (quickly) and carry on with living in this great country full of opportunity! It still is the land of 
opportunity our forefathers envisioned, and if we work together and work hard and stop being so SELFISH, and try to bring up each other rather than knocking others down, I know this country and all it's people will make us proud!!!!

I also hope that despite our differences we can show the world that we are truly ONE NATION under GOD, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!

I sure hope you all have a wonderful day, and try not to forget how lucky you are to live in this amazing country of ours.


  1. Good to see you back blogging again Bella! :-) I don't get all political either, but this morning I felt compelled to write on this subject too. I agree we do all need to stand united, encourage love & support one another. We may not all agree but in this country and thats ok, we at least have the luxury to disagree. Not everyone does! We need to appreciate that, and each other. :-)

  2. AMEN, Sistah!
    No one is 100% anything and if we focus on supporting each other, working together, and finding common ground instead of widening the gap between our differences we could really get somewhere fantastic!


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