Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dumb and Dumber haircut - my HEART ACHES 9/11

Help someone take the scissors away. After my shower this morning, I started cutting, before I knew it, I had given myself the DUMB and BUMBER haircut. You know the one, yup, the only thing missing was a chip in my tooth, and a wooly dog car, DANG!!!

I have no idea what got into me, I just cut, and cut, and cut, and THEN it was too late, lol. 

So after my entire family laughed at me, I got to work. I had to fix it, but HOW??? This is what I came up with, and if I do say so myself, I kinda like it, KINDA!!! 

What do you all think?

Should I STOP cutting my bangs, or do you like it too?

Last time I cut my bangs this short I was 19 years old and in cosmetology school. Ahhh, I need to gather up some old pictures with all my different hairstyles, and colors. A far cry from my boring, GREY hair today. Anyways, be honest, and tell me what you think? I'd love to hear your HONEST reaction, lol. 

Shine necklace - THE SHINE PROJECT
Earrings - Kohls (he he)
So the bottom right picture was EXACTLY what my face looked like after I cut my hair, I was seriously going to cry :(  I took some SAD pictures, and then put on some earrings, hoping I would look more like a girl, lol. It was BAD, and I can't blame my hubby and kids from freaking out. Oh boy it was not fun!
I had to pull some of the hair away from my face, I just looked like a BOX. By pinning it up in retro type curls, I think it really opened up my face, and while it was not what I had pictured when I started cutting my bangs this morning, I think I can deal with it for a while. It's different, and well, I like DIFFERENT. 
Thank goodness for jewelry, and lipstick, ha ha. 
So there you have it, my dumb and dumber haircut. 

I'm not sure that I will post anything tomorrow. I have such mixed feelings about how to express what I feel about 9/11. I'm not sure I can do it properly, so I will just say this:

My heart ACHES for ALL the people effected by that dreadful day. My heart ACHES for the children who grow up without their parents. My heart ACHES for the families who's lives are forever empty because someone they loved gave their lives in trying to help others. I WANT my heart to ACHE for the families of those men who took part in that DISGUSTING act of terrorism, and EVEN for the men themselves, BUT is it worth my effort? Will I solve anything for feeling sympathy for them? I'm not really sure, but my heart still feels something, and mostly what it feels is HATE. I can't lie and say I don't HATE what they did. I could care less what their reasons were, I don't think ANYBODY has the right to do what they did PERIOD. I feel the same way about WAR in general by the way, I just can't justify killing more people as solution to anything. (Please don't ask me what I would do if anyone ever hurt my kids though, my thought are very different then, although I wouldn't go to war with a COUNTRY you know what I mean?)

If I could wipe away ALL the war, the fighting, the HATE in this world I would. It's not healthy, it's not good, and it's NOT NECESSARY. I don't want to waste my energy on feeling like that!


Why should anyone live their lives thinking of ways to destroy another. I don't think ANYBODY'S GOD wants that. We are ALL his children, and we are ALL loved. I wish we could all just BE!!

I do wish the WORLD could MOVE on to a BETTER tomorrow!

I feel very sad that this may never happen as long as we can't accept each other, and love one another just the way we are. We should all join forces, to make this WORLD a better place.

Hate can never END, as long as someone feels justified in getting back at the other person. It's a vicious circle that is never ending. 

An eye for an eye mentality can only end when the whole world is left with only one eye!! 

Think about that, next time. (Unless someone hurts your child of course, then it's no mercy)
Just saying, I'm not perfect yet, and I could seriously HURT (very badly, with my own hands) anybody who hurts a child, especially MY child. There is no place in the world to hide from a mothers wrath if you hurt their baby!! Ok, now that you are all totally FREAKED out by me, I'll be going. So the moral of the story is, DON'T hurt CHILDREN, and PEOPLE in general. You hear me, don't do it!! 

Now you know why I didn't want to write anything tomorrow :( 

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  1. I've done this before! {see blog post here: }

    I really think it looks adorable on you! It'll grow on you more over the next couple of days.

    This may be the time to get some pin-up pictures done!

  2. The Shaggin' Wagon! LOL. Your mention of Dumb and Dumber made me remember the hilarious name of their car! :)

    So you know what? I actually think your bangs are beautiful! I love them! They highlight your gorgeous eyes!

  3. I love short bangs. And if you really hate them only takes a week or so to grow them out.
    Yours look fine...I think that you think they're way too short but seriously, they aren't. They make your eyes pop!

  4. I love the bangs!! You look super cute :) Jim Carey could only wish he looked that good!

  5. Wait, I LOVE the haircut. I love those short, blunt bangs on you! No more tears, it looks beautiful.

  6. The short bangs make those beautiful eyes of your pop! However, unless you'd always be at an angle speaking to someohe, at face foward, the midline area of the face; nose and cheeks, look out of proportion larger. Maybe a slight whips lining the face? Love the cut, love your face, just a tiny-something is off to get that perfect look.

  7. I, too, love the bangs. In fact, I just cut mine in a very similar style today--short, blunt, and straight across. But I think mine are even shorter than yours. I like them too.


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