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SPICY Spices~ How to organize a TON of spices ~ DAY 12 of 21 day challenge

I've been participating in this awesome 21 day organizing challenge with Toni from 
Only I've not done all the days in order, and neither have I posted about them BAD BELLA. Anyway, I have TONS of pics, because I really have been cleaning out, especially with being stuck in the house for almost a week. 

So here is how I organized my spice cabinet, and I love it!!
Due to my awesome organizational skills, he he, this area stays pretty much organized all the time, this is my BEFORE.....

I keep all my spice packets, taco seasoning, romanian seasoning, misc, matches, toothpics in this lovely box I saved from the trash. I liked it because it was sturdy, and had a handle. So it works, BUT, could def use some beautifying. 

See what mean, I am probably the most practical organizer ever, I could care less about what looks cute, as long as it works, I am too cheap. BUT, after reading all your posts, and seeing how cute you can make things look, I am determined to turn my SUPER cheap ways, into SUPER CUTE cheap ways. I know I can do it. So watch out, because although this works, I want it to look cute too. 

My bulk seasonings, I just keep in that corner, no basket, nothing. It takes no time at all to get one from the back, and having a basket would just create extra work for me, having to take it out every time. 

Now we are getting to the good stuff. These lazy susans from WalMart are my life savers. It's the EASIEST, fastest way to store, and organize your seasonings. On this one, I keep extra salt, and larger bottles, of seasoning, I use kind of often. 

This one holds, my more everyday seasonings. OOps, I should refill my salt and pepper, he he. 

My Indian spices, I organized, in these containers, which stack nicely, and I can fit a ton on there. I don't have a fancy labeler, and was too cheap to even buy labels, BUT I did have masking tape, and a sharpie. I like it, and the more worn in gets, the better, (seriously) Oh and unlike labels, when I want to remove this it practically comes all off in one swipe, and you can even run it thru the dishwasher, and it stays put, and the words are still there. 

More spices, yummy!!

Just turned it so you can see the other side, lol. 

I also keep this little spoon on top of those spices, and use it for all the spices. It's again, so practical, and fast, and easy. I wash it every now and then, but usually it just goes back like that. I could really use some contact paper, on those shelves too, BUT I didn't have enough left of the one I have at home, and didn't want to risk not finding more, then having two different styles in my shelves, SO until I go get more, it stays as is. 

Top shelf- ice cube trays, for cute lemon ice cubes (in the summer) or popsicles.
Next- some pastry bags, and tips, on the left, some cupcake holders, and my BOX.
Next- Bulk spices, and other spices, in the bin on the right, I have some baking, and other flavor extracts I use mostly for baking.
Next- My most favorite, everyday spices.

I use an old over the door organizer, that I cut up, to store my BULK, Indian spices, that I just rubber band, and stick in there. I would hate having to have yet more containers, and this uses the absolute LEAST space, I'm telling you. I don't even use up a shelf, its a small area on my wall, behind the door. AWESOME!!!

The spices that are still UNOPENED, get to chill on the top shelves, of my organizer shelf in the pantry. Buying in bulk is only good for spices when you use them up fairly quickly. As I do, otherwise, they loose flavor, and should not be kept for long periods of time, but it sure does SAVE money, I'm telling you, for reals. 
So thats day #12 of the challenge, I will be posting more so keep an eye out. This is so fun, YAYY!!!

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  1. Nice spice organization. Damn, you use a lot of ginger! I hate ginger. You didn't post before pictures though. I like seeing the mess before the magic happens.

  2. Girl, I already posted a before pic, lol, it just wasn't a mess to begin with. I doubt I have any real BEFORE pics, I've been doing it like that for years now, lol.

    I actually use more fresh ginger, and hardly ever use the powder unless, I run out of fresh.

    To cook Indian food, you kind of really need ginger, and somehow, it blends, you can hardly taste it.

    How are the kiddos, I miss you guys.

    Have you seen the snow pics from l;ast week, seriously we were trapped in our house it was a mess. Not because there was so much snow, but the ICE would not go away, it was crazy.

    Love you guys!!!

  3. AHHHH!! I see Badia seasoning and Publix brand! I'm originally from Florida and miss Publix supermarkets sooooooo bad! And here in Maryland I'd be luckily if anyone even knew what Badia was!

    Whenever I go home to see my family I always stop by Publix and stock up on seasoning and goodies I can't find up here. I miss Publix already and I was just there 2 weeks ago.

  4. We have the same containers with the blue lids but lost so many that the turning organizer was useless...so we turned it into a lazy susan to organize our spices and it really does make a huge difference! I'm now in love with lazy susans.

  5. Great organizing ideas! Doesn't it feel so nice to have it all be easy to find!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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