Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amrita Singh Jewelry

Ok, guys so sorry, but I just HAVE to share with you guys this amazing Jewelry Designer, Amrita Singh. I've seen her host giveaways at blogs before, and have entered every time, including one HERE, going on now. Fat chance I'll win, as usual, so when I saw her on one of my favorite sites, HauteLook, I just had to go see. 

I am not kidding you gals, I LOVE this jewelry, it is freakin awesome, and it's no wonder some big stars are wearing it. I love Indian jewelry, but realistically wouldn't wear most of it, a bit to fancy for me, even all dressed up, let alone every day. BUT this jewelry totally looks exotic, and somehow, I can TOTALLY picture it everyday, even with a pair of jeans, and a tshirt. I'm telling you, it's THAT cool. 

HauteLook, is a really cool site, and they offer HUGE savings to all kinds of stuff. Today, until Saturday, they just happen to be offering up Amrita Singh, go check out her website, her jewelry, and of course, drool, and cry, cuz, you prob can't afford to buy anything, let alone more than one thing right now. 

OR, go to HauteLook, and get a HUGE Valentines Day surprise, and get some really fun pieces, for WAYYYYY, cheaper. 

Here are some pieces I'm REALLY wanting to get, like seriously.
Bridgehampton BraceletIbeja BraceletSeema Bangle SetTaloque BraceletHonolulu EarringsBridgehampton EarringsPachac NecklaceSag Harbor Necklace

Now can you see why I love this so much. 
Believe me when I say the sale is awesome, all of these pieces are under $50, but regularly over $100 AT LEAST, and actually most of the pics, except the last two, are like under $30, so make sure to go check out HauteLook, I'm telling you at least THIS sale, is totally worth it. 

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  1. Indian Jewellery is exotic. Ask me, i am an Indian and love my Jewellery!

    Thanks Bella for participating in my Saree Blouse e-Pattern Giveaway and another Big Thanks for sharing it with your readers! Thanks a ton!


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