Friday, December 31, 2010

I am a lamo, and need blog design help~~

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**Also a quick update, just letting you know I have a mac, if this makes any difference in setting this up, and you know sometimes blog button codes, DO NOT have a height or width in the html, to edit. What do you do then? I have gotten some really good responses, BUT, I am still kind of stuck. Only because I want my sponsor section to have 2 or 3 columns, and within those, to have the buttons all the same size, neatly arranged. I am kind of freaking out about this, because it is seriously driving me crazy I can't figure it out, so if anyone can help, I'm still here, and totally waiting. **

Hey everyone, it looks like Im about to pull another all nighter, trying to figure out how to get these darn buttons all nice, aligned, pretty, the same size, you know. I can't even see straight anymore, and laugh all you want, but I finally resorted to putting up a linky, lol, to display them in as much order as I could. I have been reading tons of tutorials, and emailing everyone I can to get some help, my sweet Ami, @Alililly tried to help, but after reading that she spent like 2 hours trying her best as well, I thought there must be a secret to it. So someone, PLEASE help us lamo bloggers, who haven't got a clue, but desperately want to learn.

I really want  to know how to get my sponsors buttons all the same size, all neat in my new sponsors section, oh and while you are it explaining, maybe you can tell us how to get the buttons at the bottom of a post as in this is where I am partying today, all cute, and small, and the same size as well.

Gosh, someone please spare me another night of no sleep, I desperately need your help. Anyone???

Love you guys, even if you are laughing at me, but I know you need the help too, so if you find the answer, PLEASE share it with silly me.

Thanks guys!!!

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. have you tried this: add a new gadget to your sidebar, pick "add html" - then paste all of your html for the buttons - then at the top type < center > and at the bottom type < / center > and they should all center (type it without the spaces I put in) - - THEN the wow part - at the top their should be a place to click "rich text" - do that and your view switches out of html, so you can click on the pictures of the buttons and drag out their corners to the right size (I like 150x50, but you can do whatever) - good luck!

  2. Oh boy...can't help you...that's why I use Typepad for my blogs because I get free support for a very good price. I want to blog and not be an html expert ;)

  3. I hope you have a happy new year!! Also, you haven't linked anything up on my site yet for a chance to be featured!! Deadline is January 8th so link up a creative craft/recipe and I'm going to pick a few to feature!

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  4. We can help with your blog design woes.

    It appears that the sponsored table can simply be updated to include margin: 0 auto; in order to center it.

    I would suggest updating the table width to 100%, then the width for each of the 3 columns set at 178px works great.

    Text align each of the 3 div columns left, center and right respectively and you should have a clean, evenly spaced design.

  5. I'm off to email you tips about this!! :D

  6. THANK YOU BELLA!!! I really do appreciate it!!!


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