Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gorilla Tape Spider wants to play!!

Alright guys, so here's what I was working on yesterday.
A HUGE spider. This guys was made of only trash bags, and tape. Gorilla tape, that is. Hello that stuff is awesome, but had I known the problems I would have had attaching the legs, I would not have gone to such trouble trying to get his body perfect before all the tape went on, lol. Also forgot to mention I have a coat hanger, and newspaper rolled around the legs, to give them shape, then wrapped in the black trash bag.

I took some pics of the process, and yes for those that remember my whole dry cleaning bag, flowers, post -read about it here-, I again just had to do the whole ironing of the bag thing, I really love the potential this has. A plain trash bag is nothing exciting, but I'm telling you put a hot iron to it, and it becomes almost a leather type texture. It's awesome, and I have no idea if you will see in the pictures, so shoot, just go try it for yourself, then you will see what I'm talking about.

Ok, so without further ado, here is the NOT so itsy bitsy Spider.
I made the fangs, and eyes, and black widow design with some petals off an old flower, it was just the perfect color.

This is what the bench looked like before. Oh and yes that is a bathroom mirror, just stashed behind there. It's been there for YEARS, prob over 2 years now. I am just keeping it safe for the day I actually install them in my garage. Ok, so yeah, the seating area needs mucho work still, but hey, I just wanted you to see the before.

As far as his placement, I'm still working on it, but for now, this is where he stays. He can just hang there, pretty visible, and I don't need to make any holes in my wall to attach him to. The whole entry seat is just missing something. Hopefully it will come to me, either in the form of a dream, or a COMMENT, lol.

The broom is just there, probably not for long, I have other plans for it, lol. The fabric on the bench was a goodwill find, it's really pretty, and no sew, just wrapped it on and thats it. The dark purple flowers, are perfect for halloween. I wanted flowers, but not black. The cat, is pretty cute hugh? Also from the dollar store, came with like 5 other things, so do the math, REALLY CHEAP.

I will glady show you guys how I did the spider if there is enough interest in that.

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As always ENJOY!

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  1. Wow! That a great spider! It looks like you are ready for Halloween at your fun! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Yay me! ;) I got it right... lol! Super cute Bella!

  3. That is so great Bella!!!! You clever girl!!

  4. That spider is so neat, very so NOT itsy bitsy! This looks to be a really fun Halloween at your house.
    Have a great time.


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