Saturday, January 19, 2013

NEW blog, NEW business, NEW everything --- coming soon

OMG, I am soooooo excited!

After weeks of searching, I have finally decided on a designer for my blog, new website, and business. I am also giving my cake site - Euro Style Cakes a makeover, combining the blog with it.

I am also FINALLY redoing this blog, and moving everything over to wordpress. I am so nervous about it, because I don't like change very much. Really can't stand website related stuff, and the thought of having to learn everything over again is just daunting. I just think it's the best time to do it, plus TASHA @ MY CUTE LOBSTER assures me it's not so bad, and she will help me through it. Yes, I'm pretty thrilled I found this girl, I so love her already :)

I've taken a much needed break from blogging, and am ready to be back. Ready to get my new business up and running, and ready to move forward. From everything I've read, and researched, there is no better way than to move to wordpress, so thats what I'm doing.

So about my new business.

I've mentioned before that I am working on creating Custom Cake Kits. There is much to work out still, but I am so excited that it is one step closer to becoming a reality.

My website will be up and running soon, thanks to MY CUTE LOBSTER, I'm working on getting my Etsy Shop open, and now I need some help from you.

I've also been working on some kind of logo design, and can't get this image out of my head, what do you think about it? I've numbered the different drawings, can you tell me which you like better? Do you have another suggestion? When you see this does it portray what my business is about?

I hope you didn't laugh at my drawing skills, or my writing skills, I'm not the best, but you know, this is just an idea. I need HELP !!!!

I'm also still deciding on the name, can you help me?
Here are the names I'm struggling with.

Custom Cake Kits

Bella's Custom Cake Kits

Custom Cake Kits by Bella

Can you tell me which one you like better, AND WHY???  I want to know if you were to search for something like this, what would draw your attention better, what sounds better, are they all easy to remember? I want my name in there, because well I'm super PROUD, but should I include my name or not?

Can you tell, I need help?

I appreciate your help, and all your support. I'm so excited, and can't wait to share more with you as it happens. Wish me luck, and I hope to have more good news soon!


  1. Hi Bella,

    I don't claim to have any great knowledge of logos and such, but the one that appeals to me the most is number 5. It's fancy enough to denote wedding/anniversary etc. but not SO fancy that it ONLY makes me think of that type of cake.

    I also think I like Custom Cake Kits by Bella; it seems to flow off the tongue easily.

    I hope that helps you! Congratulations on the new venture; I hope you do really well with it.

  2. I LOVE #6: It's simple, and easier to read than the others, plus the cake is super cute. I also like Bella's Custom Cake Kits - it's more personal than Custom Cake Kits and easier to say than CCK by Bella.


  3. I love Six and Seven! May be Seven a bit more than Six :) And As 'Five Seed' said above, Bella's Custom Cake Kits sounds more warm and personal. I did visit the 'Euro Style Cakes' blog too - What talent you have! I can only admire the creativity of your mom and you!




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