Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Say no to "TO DO" lists

Happy New Year everyone!!

Another year, and one more fresh start on getting lots of things done. Nothing seems to get you in the mood to tackle a TO DO LIST better than the start of a new year. I've decided to rename my list this year. Instead of my never ending TO DO list I want to call it my :


Maybe this will inspire me to DO MORE, because who wants a list that says you've done NOTHING all year, totally not me, thats who.

Like all of you, I have my list full of things I can't wait to say "I DID".

I'm trying to be realistic in my expectations of getting things done this time around. I always seem to set myself up for failure by expecting too much of myself, or expecting it to get done too fast. This time around I want to be able to take a breath, and relax, even if something isn't done perfectly, or in record time. This time around I want to try and get some family help, instead of trying to put it all on myself. This time around I want to  try harder than ever to reach some goals I've had for YEARS!!

This time around I want to focus on myself more, and my family more, and my TO DO LIST less, even though this post is about getting things on my TO DO list done. Seems weird, but I've spent years, and years of my life, setting goals, and making lists, and stressing myself out about things that need to get done. All of the stress and little to show for it. It's not like I have tons of things crossed of my lists, so I can actually say it was worth it, I did it. Quite the contrary, I've spend countless hours making lists, and re-making the same ones because I never seem to get it done. I've missed out on so much, and neglected myself in the process.

I've neglected my family too, maybe not physically, but emotionally. I've been cranky and tired, and frustrated and upset more times than I care to admit, and usually it had nothing to do with my family, but they were the ones to suffer my bad mood.

I'm going to try to make a very SERIOUS effort to not waste so much time on "PLANNING" or "PINNING" things I'd like to do ONE DAY, and just DO IT, you know what I mean. Seriously, I have thousands of things pinned, and ideas in my head, but nothing seems to be happening as a result. I don't want to waste that precious time anymore. I want to spend my time more wisely.

Don't get me wrong, I love PINTEREST so much, and am pinning something almost daily, but I'm going to make it TOP priority to actually start creating and doing some of these wonderful things I've found on there.

Taking baby steps is fine by me, I refuse to let myself get worked up if something doesn't get done, I refuse to let those kinds of things get me down anymore. History has proven to me it just doesn't matter, the only one who loses is ME. Instead I will accept things as they come, as they happen, and if it goes according to plan, YAY, and if not, I'll try to understand, life isn't fair, and even though we think we are in charge and make the plans, we have no control in the end, and thats something I know we can all agree on.

Did I mention I need to be truly more grateful everyday as well, yeah that kind of goes along with the whole I'm not in control of things, and I have no choice but to accept that, and be thankful anyway that I'm still alive, my family and friends and I are healthy, we have a roof over our head, food to eat, and live in a country that I think is pretty great. We are truly blessed, and compared to what other people have to worry about everyday, I'd say that if the laundry room doesn't get a pretty makeover like right now, the world isn't going to end.

So there you have it, my thoughts for today. Life is GOOD!!!

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  1. Bravo! I love this. I think I am coming to a similar understanding of managing my time and expectations!


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