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Amaze me August #60 - My daily schedule

Welcome to the 60th edition of

Just wanted to explain just a little of what's been going on in my life lately. It seems like I have not really blogged in months, and I know I've hardly had any time to read any of your blogs either. It makes me feel bummed, and it's definitely not how I planned on things going once school stared. 

I had such high hopes of accomplishing all kinds of wonderful things, and I've just realized that I have years of things I've been trying to do that are taking longer than I had thought. Just going through all our paperwork took almost a whole week, and even now it's not completely organized, but I got rid of more than half of it, finally. 

I've been really trying to donate, sell, or dispose of a lot of things, in hopes of making my life easier, and less things to put away. Simplicity, I long for it so badly. It's hard for me to just do it all at once, so I've had to go over a room 3 or 4 times, before I finally have it down to where I'm ok with it. Things will stay the first 2 rounds, but then as time passes, I'm ok with downsizing even more. It's pretty refreshing, but very time consuming for sure. 

One thing I hadn't planned on was just how quickly 6 hours passes. Somehow I feel like the time just flies, after I get all the kids off to school, I rush home and start the race. Goes something like this :)

6 am - wake up (push snooze)
6:30 am - for real wake up and check out the new pins on pinterest while I go pee.
6:45 am - with a numb booty I finally get up, and wash up.
7 am - wake kids up, princess wakes up nicely, gets dressed no problem. Dino D acts like a baby, and refuses to get dressed on his own. Big B needs to be threatened with the spray bottle, and often squirted with ice cold water before he rolls out of bed, 30 minutes later.
7:30 am - breakfast (snacks)
8:00 am - drop two younger ones off at school
8:30 am - Big B catches the bus, unless he's behind on his work, and I make him finish which means now I need to drive him to school. 
9:30 am - finally get back home from dropping Big B at school, which seems to be happening more often nowadays. Clean kitchen.
10:00 am - start laundry, and with 5 people in the house, it's never ending. I always have about 2-3 loads every day!
10:30 am - Decide which room to organize, clear out, declutter, donate things, and decide how I want to remodel it. I am slowly but surely trying to get every room in order, and it's just taking forever. 
12:00 pm - seems like I did a bunch of nothing, but some laundry, and planning, sometimes I have boxed full of stuff to donate, sometimes I just jotted ideas down, but either way, I feel like I am getting nowhere, and now it's time to cook lunch, or eat something. 
1:00 pm - usually still cooking something, and getting food ready for dinner too. 
1:30 pm - eat, and clean up the kitchen again, finish up some laundry.
2:30 pm - Dino comes home from school, feed him, clean him, try to stop him from playing on my iphone, ask him to put his shoes away etc, usually with no results. 
3:00 pm - Princess comes home, changes, and charges at me with demands to play with her friends, always gets the same answer, finish your homework girly :)
3:30 pm - try to get them to snack on something, and I'm still working on finishing up some housework.
4:30 pm - Big B comes home, and again mad dash to get him a snack, and finish up some work, and then it's time to start our afterschool activities.
5:00 pm - We go to Kumon twice a week, Tae Kwon Do 4 days a week, Tavaci one night a week, try to go to the gym one night a week with the kids, and when possible squeeze the park in there too. Either way we are busy every night of the week, for several hours.
7:45 pm - we usually get back home around this time, and we quickly eat dinner, finish homework, shower, get ready for school. I wash dishes, clean kitchen AGAIN.
9:30 pm - trying to get everyone ready for bed, I am usually pooped by this time, and the kids basically pass out. I look over my to do list, and feel sad that I didn't get anything done, and make my list over for the next day, hoping for a better day!

I would love to share with you all some of my TO DO items, and maybe you will enjoy seeing things as they progress. At least that way, I can continue with this crazy huge list I am trying to work through, and still keep you up to date. Sound good? 

Until then you guys please link up all your awesome projects. Thanks for all your patience, and support, as I try to get past this crazy hectic schedule of mine. Hopefully I am able to start putting some more time aside for blogging, but as of now, I just can't seem to stop working on things that I've been trying to do for years. 



  1. Ahh, ya poor mama! I know how hard that organizing is! We planned a few months ago to redo both kids' bedrooms and we are not even finished with the first one! ACK! Sending love and good vibes your way this week!

  2. Thanks for hosting Bella! Your pinning on the potty had me cracking up! ;) Hope your list grows shorter quickly!!

  3. thanks for hosting the party!
    good luck with the lists...and ps. super cute outfit! lovely!



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