Monday, September 19, 2011

Amaze me August #55 - Rafflecopter Invite GIVEAWAY (5 invites total)

Welcome to the 55th edition of:


I'm petty darn excited to catch up with everyone, and to be able to talk (sing), and not be constantly coughing.I'm sure my kids are equally excited, that I can yell at them again, lol. Seriously though, I've been fighting a cold/cough/sore throat/sick kids for almost two months now, practically non stop. At least one of us has been sick since school started the first week of August, WOW.

Other good news, while I thought I would finally have some FREE time once the little one started school last month, it officially only started today. Well with the kids home sick, and my hubby in transition to start a new job, I was never alone, UNTIL today. I celebrated by cleaning my garage, YAY! It's not done yet, but I am determined to get some MAJOR cleaning, organizing, and remodeling done. Yup remodeling, as in some way overdue things. I'll update you all on my plans soon.

In the mean time, I have an exciting giveaway for all of you. 
I've seen this little gadget around several blogs, and when it comes to entering giveaways, I think it's the ONLY way to go. I wish I had my account when I hosted my last giveaway. I just couldn't believe how much time most of those amazing and awesome participants went through to get all the entries I allowed. I admit it was a LOT, but they did it, and bless their hearts for it too. I appreciated it so much, BUT wouldn't it be nice to be able to complete all your requirements from the actual blog, and not have to go back and forth between pages. Well my dears, NOW you can.

Check out this lovely little widget, it is super easy to set up, and entering giveaways couldn't be any easier. Just pick and choose which entries you want to complete, it is so fast, usually just a click of a button, and you are done, ENTERED and no more leaving time consuming comments, unless that is one the entry options. 

I had to bribe and beg and plead to get an invite, because really who wants to WAIT, once you see how awesome, and easy this will make your giveaway hosting life, but I'm sorry to inform you that awesome folks at Rafflecopter, are INVITE only, and from what I hear, it can take a pretty LONG time to get one. 

I just knew I had to share some invites with all of you, and lucky for you, I already did some begging and pleading, and got my hands on FIVE invites to share with you. 

How awesome is that? I am just so excited to share this amazing tool with my friends. I hope you see just how easy it is to use, by entering the giveaway below. You will be done in no time at all. Make sure to leave me a comment (worth one entry) and let me know what you think about Rafflecopter, and why you JUST HAVE TO have it too. 

Oh and don't forget to link to the party below. I will start catching up on some features this week, I have TONS, to show you all. I've had so many awesome link ups this past month, even with my total neglect, which I am truly sorry for. I can't wait to start doing some features, they are so much fun!!

P.S. Are you guys ready for the giveaway celebration to begin? Which giveaway celebration you ask? Oh the one where you can win something awesome from each of my AMAZING sponsors, the ones you see there in my right hand sidebar, under giveaways. Oh yeah, all of them. So keep your eye out, all that fun will start VERY soon, and with my new Rafflecopter widget it will be SO much easier this time around, for me, and for you, YAY!!!

REMEMBER with Rafflecopter you NEVER have to leave another comment to enter a giveaway again, unless of course it's one of the ways to get an entry, like I have one below. However the ONLY way to get a qualifying entry is to click the I DID it GREEN button on the widget itself, so leaving a comment will NOT enter you in the giveaway. I sure hope this is easy for you to enter, and you enjoy using it as much as I do. Please feel free to let me know what you think about it!

FIVE winners will get an INVITE to Rafflecopter.


  1. Thanks for hosting. I hope you have a great week! :)

  2. I dont know much about raffle copter, but Ive heard great things! Already it looks so easy for entrants to use! So I am all for using it! :) Hope I can win!!

  3. i have never heard of rafflecopter. it seems confusing. I also learned about pinest. i think that is what it is neat stuff.

  4. it's an amazing gadget, I invited myself for Rafflecopter some time ago and I can't wait to have my 1st giveaway! I might steal your idea and spread some invites around:)

  5. HEY! This thing is super cool!!! That was so easy! Thanks for hosting, my friend! :)

  6. What a neat gadget! I've been putting off having a giveaway on my blog. If I had this, I would take the plunge!

  7. My blog is still new, but I have thought about eventually doing a giveaway and hey, if Rafflecopter makes it easier then I'm all for it. Be prepared. :)


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