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Amaze me August ~ Cleaning my Patio / Deck ~

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So this week I wanted to share with you my DECK. My huge DECK. This deck was one of the things I loved when we bought this house, it's HUGE, and it's perfect for entertaining. Although I've found that in the south there are ONLY 3 days in the year when you can actually sit outside and enjoy such a deck. Ok, just kidding, maybe 5 days total, but seriously, in the summer, its SOOOOOO hot, and there are a million bugs out, just waiting to eat you alive. In the winter it's to dang cold. Yup I totally skipped over the other seasons, can't even recall right now if you can hang out then, but since my deck looked like crap, I didn't want anyone out there anyway, SAD.

So the time finally came, in the middle of the sweltering heat, to clean my deck.  I am pretty sure it was easily 150 degrees this day, which meant I got to lose 10 lbs in the process, pretty cool hugh, lol.

My tools, a broom, a FAN, bug spray, gloves, a HAT, and my hands.
OOOPS, almost forgot, you need 3 kids too. My oldest cleaned out the gutters, woo hoo, while my youngest swept ever so eagerly with a grill brush, lol. The princess, well she posed for a picture, and the went inside to relax, he he.
Good job Big B. I love FREE labor. He easily saved me a hundred bucks.
Here a couple pics of the side of my house, equally neglected, a weeping willow tree, my backyard woods, and a spider eating a wasp, you go spidey!!

Dino (my tortoise, which is actually a girl) came out to play too. We had fun taking pics of her.

I'm so ashamed to show these pics, I had a MESS growing in those pots, that used to be filled with beautiful flowers, and plants. Gosh, this past year I neglected my garden so badly, and I feel so bad about it, and hope that I can get it looking good again soon.
Some more pics of the way the deck used to look. Oh and do you see my curry plants. I've managed to keep them ALIVE, thats good. My orchids, are SO SAD, but bless their hearts they too are clinging on to life, so I promised them I would never let them go like that again.


After a long day I am glad to say that at least things are looking clean. No more wild grass and weeds growing all over the place, no more leafs turning into mulch on my deck. 

Now it's time to go buy some flowers, he he. 


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  1. Great job on your ENORMOUS deck! I love your cute little tortoise!

  2. You are hard at work lady!! Beautiful home, beautiful yard and BEAUTIFUL family! And guess what you'll be so proud of me, I FINALLY figured out the No Reply Blogger thing!! ;0)

  3. that's such a wonderful spot! especially now!:)) hope you'll enjoy it more than 5 days this year! you have the cutest lil helpers, as always!

  4. Awesome job, ladyface!
    You just radiate beuty and one day I'll punch your pretty face in just to show you who's boss.
    No, I won't. I say crazy things when I'm super jealous of amazingly big decks.

  5. Cleaning up! good work! it reminds me i need to clean up my DD's dresser and closet! hopefully by EOD today!


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