Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trees falling, winds blowing, wild weather in my hood.

Tonight we were supposed to have our first swim meet. All the kids were excited to get back in the water, and I took some pics of mine, so you can see how freaking cute they are, lol. Then not even five minutes later, we started hearing thunder, starting seeing lightening, and within minutes the wind picked up so badly that we thought we were literally going to be blown away. Totally scary...! We made it home with no problems, and just a few blocks over where we love, the rain and wind seemed totally calm. Weird!!
Little Princess, getting ready to warm up, right before the storm hit.

Brother and sister hugging,,,, gosh they are so cute when they get along, lol. 

Oh my, let me go eat you guys, you are delicious,,,, hehe. 

SO like 5 minutes after these pictures were taken, the weather turned on us, and it was like we were in the middle of a small hurricane or something.... lately it seems like if the wind picks up at all, everybody thinks tornado,,, or as Dino D kept saying, tomato, lol.... he kept asking if we saw the tomato, ha ha ha.

So everyone went home, FAST,,, drenched, and kinda freaked out, but the weather seemed to calm down. We settled in, watched X-men, love WOLVERINE, and I wrote up tomorrows post. Then my kids come running to me, saying a tree fell on our neighbors house. I was like WHAT,,, no way... Sure enough, two houses down a tree did fall. Thankfully not on her house, but in her driveway. I don't even know when this happened, it wasn't there when we got home, and I didn't hear any loud thunder since then, so when did this happen. She said she literally watched the tree as it fell. 

 Thunder hit the tree, I guess. That's what we gathered from our investigational skills.
 See, that looks like lightning to me!!!
 Even my cat wanted to be in on the action, and came in for a peak.
 See Tiger peaking, he he. Hello Tiger,,,, pronounced TIGRU, actually, in Romanian. 
 No idea how the top of this electrical box flew off,,, maybe the thunder sizzled it?
 Clearly this was a big deal for all the neighborhood kids... they were all checking it out.
Oh and posed with the fallen tree, like it was cool or something..... I'm just super glad nobody was hurt. This is the second tree that has fallen in our neighborhood in the last couple years. Last one the fell, totally destroyed my neighbors house, 2 houses away on the other side of us, they just finally finished fixing it back up. Oh and did I tell you guys about the tornado that hit our city, last year, not even 5 minutes from where we live. That was scary!!! Hello people, I'm from California, I'm not used to all this, the only thing I ever had to deal with was earthquakes. Yes fires too, but not where I lived. 

My prayers are with all of you out there who have been effected by the crazy weather, floods, and tornados. I know we got off easy, actually we didn't get effected at all, I know many were not as lucky. I can only imagine what you are going through. I hope things get better REALY, REALY soon.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how scary! I'm glad that you and the cuties made it home safely!


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