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GUEST POST ~ Alililly ~ Easter Wreath Tutorial ~

When I posted THIS POST asking for help, and then sent an email to my bloggy friends, I never expected so many people to respond.I am blessed with wonderful friends, and I had a ton of ladies, who were more than willing to keep you all entertained while I get better, or get some sleep, or paint my garage, whatever, he he. The point is I am SUPER lucky, SUPER thankful, and SUPER excited to introduce you all to Ami from
Ami is totally one of my BEST bloggy friends. She is also my first, YEAH baby, hehe. Seriously she is super awesome, and we totally share the same birthday, HOW cool is that, no wonder we get along so well, lol. Her blog, is just FULL of the cutest crafts, posts on her cutie pie daughter Ali, and some serious stuff too, about people and topics that she cares about. She has the biggest and most generous heart, and is sooooo darn giving. I love her, and would LOVE to one day catch up with my gal, and hang out, I just know we'd be REAL life bff's. SO make sure to go say hello to her, and check out her blog, you will love it!!!

Hi y'all!! I am Ami with AliLilly.  I'm so excited to be guest posting on Bella's blog today. She's one of my blogging best besties!!!  I wanted to share with her and her AWESOME readers, something really cool!!! 

I am IN LOVE with all these beautiful blue eggs I have seen in stores and all over blogland!  I decided to make some of my own.  I was quite lucky, as I had some left over turquoise blue and brown paint from my Cutting Edge Stencils Project!  Did you see that project??  I'm still so amazed at how great it turned out!

So, I grabbed a bag of eggs from the Dollar Tree and rushed home. 
 I started painting my eggs.

I painted each side and let it dry. 
Now, I planned on putting an extra coat on the eggs, but after I saw the way it dried I really liked the imprefect look of it.  I think it made the eggs look a little more like wild bird eggs. 
Then I added the brown dots.  I googled what kind of birds lay blue eggs with brown dots and I found that Chipping Sparrows lay those kind of eggs.
This is what happens when you get overly excited and start playing with your eggs before they are totally dry.  See the lil chips?  I can tell you this, if you just let them dry over night the paint does not peel off.  My husband and I both thought that maybe the paint would continue to peel because of the type of paint it was and the plastic of the eggs.  It doesn't peel! 
I decided to add them to a wreath of blossoms I have in our hallway.  This is the wreath before.  I scored it at Target on clearance for around $4!  Seriously, who isn't crazy in love with Target!?! 
I have somehow misplaced my floral wire.  I looked everywhere.  I was a bit distraught when my super helpful hubby told me "just use the twist ties".  I said "twisty ties?", sounds cuter right?  So, I opened up the eggs carefully.  This is also how I know they don't chip or peel.  I placed the twisty tie in the egg like so. 
Closed up the eggs. 
I attached the eggs to the branches. 

And VIOLA!!  I have a new Easter Wreath!  Pretty cool huh?
I love it!!! 

I hope you'll stop by to see what else my sweet daughter Alie and I are up too!  Thanks so much Bella, for having me over today!

ADORABLE, I totally love it mama. Thanks for being here today, you know I LOVE having you!!!

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  1. Bella, you are super awesome!! I KNOW we will meet for real one day!! You are such a wonderful friend!! Thanks for having me over today! :)

  2. Wow!!! That wreath turned out super cute for next to nothing!! Love it! But I love all of Ami's crafts... haha!

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