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Guess who's here today?
My very favorite, blogging friend. Way back when I started my blog (last august, he he) this mama, was one of the very first people who was eager to spread the word about my blog. Always leaving comments, and encouraging me. I will never forget Ami's kindness, and her and I have become great friends. It's totally possible to form wonderful friendships, long distance, and even if you've never met the person. Just look at us. I promise when I do finally get to meet her, it will be like we've known each other for years. So for all your bloggers out there, who are just starting out, I hope you are lucky enough to make a great friend like Ami has been to me. 

Now please welcome her to Bella Before and After, and lets show how tons of love. 
(We had some technical difficulty earlier, and I just got home to write up my little intro, sorry for that.)

Wow!  BBA readers, I am so happy to be here today.  Bella is my BBFF!!  Seriously, she is.  I feel like she's a childhood friend that some how as gotten away from me.  We just met last summer but we have a friendship like we have been friends since grade-school!  I love Bella , totally LOVE her.  I LOVE seeing what she is up too and seeing her beautiful family! .  I'm really happy she's letting me introduce myself to y'all today!!

So, this is me.  I am Ami and I run AliLilly.  I'm a born 'n raised Texan, who has lived in Arizona for just over a year.         
I married the sweetest, funniest, most lovingly awesome man named David.
We have a sweet little girl together.
Sweet little princess girl is my niece Angie, but the lady bug is mine!  So is that hottie handsome hubby!

 and I am a step mom to our beautiful daughter Marlayna Renne
This is our sweet Alice Marie or Alie for short.
AliLilly is named after her!

I started creating jewelry while pregnant and on bed rest with my sweet Alie.  I opened up my Etsy Shop in January of 2010. 

All my new found craftiness is TOTALLY inspired by you wonderful ladies!  I love to blog about my crafty adventures, I love to post tutorials, I love to post about the jewelry I make.  This is some of what you will find at AliLilly.
Tissue Paper Christmas Trees
My Wall Stencil
My Handmade Fall Wreath
How to make Super Cute Gift Bag Art
Halloween Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath
How to make Sweet Sentimental Baby Blanket Art
How to make fun Pinwheels
I made my daughter a Princess costume.
Snowmen Rosettes
Valentine Rosette Fun
Valentines Day Wreath Tutorial

I'm just trying give back a little of all the inspiration you ladies bring me everyday. That is why I love to blog.
I hope you stop by to say hello!! Any friend of Bella's is definitely a friend of mine!
Thanks so much, Bella, for having me over today! You rock Momma!

Ami, you are so very welcome, and THANK YOU for stopping by, and sharing with my readers today. 

Don't you guys just love that jewelry????
Ami, has informed me that ALL proceeds from sales this weekend will be donated to the RED CROSS to help the earthquake victims in Japan. 
She's also dropped her prices, so you can load up on even more goodies, and for such a good cause. How generous can this girl get, dang I love her. 

PLEASE go check out her ETSY SHOP, and shop away!!!
What a great way to help!!

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  1. Newest follower! Maria from Agape Love Designs sent me! Feel free to follow me back!


  2. How awesome! So nice to meet you. You have already inspired me right now. I'm about to go off and buy some burlap for a couple of projects. One is revamping an old liquor bottle. I think I wil do rosettes like how you did that tree. HUZZAH!

  3. YAY!!! I love AMI!!! She is a doll!!! And I agree... when you're new, she is the perfect person to befriend!!! Lovely posts girls!


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