Thursday, December 9, 2010

Piano Mantle~~ Bethlehem Village

Slowly but surely, I am getting some decorations out. This is my nativity set, and it's pretty huge.
I used to display it on a side buffet table, but I don't have that anymore, so this year I put it up on my

Had to raise some of it up a bit, but overall, I think it turned out alright.
I really enjoy moving all the people around, its fun, and the little village looks so pretty glowing at night. Of course these pics were taken during the day, and I couldn't get a good pic of the glowing, but you guys get the idea right?

Oh and I deep cleaned under, behind, and all around this piano, too. Yikes, spiders just love making home under things like this don't they??

Oh and the little knobs that you open and close the piano lid, were broken, SO I improvised, stuck a bamboo skewer in there, and then screwed the little knobs back in, worked wonders until a more permanent solution is found.

The picture above the piano got a quick makeover, as well. I just hung this beautiful picture of Mother Mary, and Baby Jesus. My mom brough this back from Jeruselem, when she visited. I am Orthodox, so we have TONS of these kinds of paintings, and pictures, in our churches.

So what do you guys think????

Darn light, everything is getting washed out, without flash, too dark, with flash, blahhhh....

Baby Jesus. Merry Christmas everybody!!

See what I mean, the guy I bought this piano from just stuck these knobs in there, and well, you guessed it, they just fell right out.

Jamming the skewer in there, good, now stay!!!

Much better grip, worked just fine.

My dorky little knobs are back on, at least I can close the lid again, that thing was getting dusty.


AFTER, isn't this beautiful??

Hope you guys enjoyed, my Piano Mantle. 
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As always ENJOY!

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  1. Not sure how I missed this one! It is beautiful!! I love little villages like that, especially at night! :) Love the picture too! :)


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