Sunday, December 26, 2010

Free Calendar from Elle~~ @ ~~ SWITCHEROOm

Hey everyone, I came across a new blog today. Actually she came across me first, and then I went to check her out, and well, FELL IN LOVE. I literally spent 2 hours, going thru each and every one of her posts, and absolutely LOVED each one. 


Elle has very generously designed and offered up a FREE printable 2011 calendar for me, and you and you and you. She just wanted to give everyone a little present, and perfect timing. Who doesn't need an incredibly cute, designer calendar, FOR FREE!!

Check it out HERE I love it!!!

She has started a blog documenting her journey of transforming her house in Manilla, Phillipines, which by the way was flooded out in 2009 by Thyphoon Ondoy, into a WOOHOO kinda home. 

She is so cute, and has had some very challenging rooms to work with, and very minimal money to work with. Yet she has managed to do so much. Here is a sneak peak at just some of her many little transformations. Trust me when I say, you HAVE to go check her out, and say hello. Trust me you will be humbled when you see how she manages, and you too will be incredibly inspired. I promise. 
DIY, side table, before and after, teal furniture

So what do you guys think?? Not only is she incredibly busy remodeling her home, which she shares with all boys, he he, she also does weekly posts about inspirational HOME offices she wishes she had, or sharing other  great finds from the web with all of us. She has incredible taste, and I adore all the things she has shared, I just really love this girl, and HOPE you go check her out.

Remember to let her know Bella sent you, and yeah you can THANK me later, for introducing you all to my newest friend. 


now go grab yourself that FREE Calendar, and say hello.

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Oh my how could I ever thank you Bella? This is the sweetest post ever! *blush*

    Thank you so much, I'm pretty sure I'll have this silly smile plastered on my face for quite a while. :)

    Again (and again and again) thank you for all your kind and encouraging words!

    And hey to all you readers out there.. :)


  2. Those are very sweet! Thank you for sharing! I will be heading over to check Elle's site right now!
    Thank you for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can not wait to see what you have for next week!

  3. So fun! I love all the colors of the calendar and can't wait to check out her site.....I think we all could use a little budget in our lives hehe And thanks for all the kind words over at the always put a smile on my face!

  4. What a pretty calendar! I'll be passing this on to a few coworkers who were looking for something free to print out.

  5. thanks for the link party!! I liked up both of my link parties. I was actually going to ask you to link up your blog post on my Organizing Mission Monday link party when I found yours!
    Please feel free to link up to both of my link parties!!

  6. Elle is amazing....amazingly sweet to share her talent with the rest of us!!!

    Thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday" blog party. I hope to see you next week!

    Happy Holidays,

  7. Bella you are TOO sweet!! What a wonderful post you did for her. I love you girl!!! Your awesome! I'm heading over to say hello! :)

  8. Thanks so much for linking again at Fancy This Fridays! What a sweetheart you are for sharing Elle's blog! Definitely headed to check it out!!


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