Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monster Weeds go WILD.

Hey guys, I am going to do some catch up today with some posts I wanted to do last week, but never got around to doing. Do you guys remember my post Making a Bed for my Flowers where I walked you through some stages my garden has gone through, and I promised I would show you how horrible it was looking now after a summer of neglect. Well, I got brave last week, and despite being sick, I got out there, and tackled those monster weeds. My plan initially was to just do it in batches, as I knew it was a big task. Of course once I got started I just couldn't stop, and I finished pulling all the weeds in my flower bed. Everything in the front of the house that is, the sides are not done yet.

Now don't get scared at the size of these weeds, and I promise my garden has NEVER looked like this before. I actually pulled weeds last month, and they were barely any, and then I blink and these things popped up literally overnight. Well, maybe a bit longer than that, but seriously they are the biggest, scariest things I've ever seen. Thank goodness I got that under control again.

Hope you guys don't mind seeing more garden pics, but this is just crazy, so take a look, and see what happens, when Weeds go WILD.
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Yes those HUGE tree looking things that are taller than my rose bushes are WEEDS. 
Again look at all those scary things, oh man, it was BAD.

Just click on the pics, to enlarge, and you will see what a big difference there is. 
This corner was the worst, as you can see. 
Same corner, different angle. Plus you can see my lovely DEAD tree in the corner. This was one that was transplanted from in front of the garage, after the other one died, and I didn't want just one there, so I took it out, and put it here, and then it too died. The only explanation I have is that these trees need more sun. Clearly everything else is THRIVING my my garden, so this is the only thing I have come up with. 
I know it still looks bad, with the dead tree and all, but dang, at least you can see in there now. 
The culprits. Yes all that was taken out of my flower bed. It was a HUGE job. I spent nearly seven hours out there, and finally got it done. Lesson to be learned is NEVER EVER, EVER let your weeds take over, EVER. They really can grow like weeds, lol, and before you know it, you are slaving over your garden, removing tree like things.
Just in case this has not gotten you bored with my garden posts yet, then be on the lookout because, of course this was just the cleanup. Naturally I have tons of stuff left to do, but for now, I hope you learned from my mistake, and never put off a few minutes of pulling out a couple weeds, or else you can end up spending hours working to get rid of those suckers like I had to do.

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  1. What a difference pulling weeds can make! If only I could be disciplined enough to keep up with them a little everyday. Great job.


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