Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So last week, I had another great turn out on my party, and I can't thank you gals enough. I know I may have gone overboard with mentioning it everywhere, but hey how else am I supposed to get the word out. I REALLY appreciate the support, and welcome you back every week I hope. 
Ok so time to share some of my favorite links from last week. 

Ladies PLEASE grab a featured button, to add to your list. Let everyone know how much you rock!!!

Ami over at Ali Lilly outdid herself again with these cute little bows. While she has some finished pictures with cute paper, I actually LOVE these with the newspaper, and think they are just tooooo cute.
I was never big on bows, especially buying them, no way, but this is way to cute and easy. 

Erin over at Making Memories with your Kids is so cool. She is a fun mom, who has the most out of control ideas for having fun on the cheap. Her blog is totally full of recipes, and projects, and this one was just way to CUTE. What kid would not love to have that, instead of the boring notebook that it starts off as. This has given me another idea for those cereal boxes, but you guys are going to have to wait for that, he he.
Gaby over at After the Before, but Before the After made this great rosette pillow. What I loved about it was the simplicity, and how totally awesome it looks with these rosettes. How easy and what a difference. She couldn't sleep and made this instead, lol, wow, if only I could whip up cool things like  that when I can't sleep. Oh wait I used to, before having babies. :)
Sandy over at Sugar Bee Craft Edition did this INCREDIBLE chair redo. Why is it so amazing, well because I have one of those ugly chairs, and never ever thought that it could be anything but ugly, but now, thanks to her lovely step by step, I can make my son a cool chair. I know it's great!!
She has a very cool blog, and I have found several fun things I'd like to work on over there.

Lori over at Thrifty Decor Mom decorated her daughters room, with mostly garage sale items. Hard to believe looking at how cute the room turned out. After all the hard work of painting everything pink though, her daughter wants green now, lol. Think we might see another thrifty room makeover soon.

Michelle over at Emerald Cove Jewelry redid this lovely hutch simply by painting it a slightly different color. Now her beautiful white dishes pop, and really make a statement. While this was time consuming to say the least, I think it was well worth the effort. Good job girl!
Allison over at House of Hepworths did this CRAZY cool Pumpkin. Oh man this is just too darn cute, and how much easier can you get. Supposedly her mom came up with this idea, lucky girl, your mom is awesome!! So I am having a Halloween bash and guess what I'll be decorating with, yupp, ohhhhh YEAH these cool pumkins. She has tons of other cool ideas at her blog, go check her out.

Well call me crazy but I can't find your name girl, over at Get Your Crap Together did this way cool pantry organizer door thingy. While I just redid my pantry a couple weeks ago, I used the standard ugly walmart door organizers, and when I saw this I said darn it now I need to REDO those, to make them cute like these. I was so proud of them being free and all, but gosh, this is just TOOOOO Cute!!!
So while I started this post this moring, I am just now posting it. Sorry gals, I wanted to get it up sooner, but you know  life with kids, doesn't always work out like that. Anyhow, I am thrilled with the response already and Im only on week #2, so you ladies are super cool, and I am really thankful for your support. Spread the word, and I hope that this party grows bigger and badder. I know you can make it happen.

Now go back to doing AMAZING things, just make sure to link back here, to share it with us, he he.

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me!! What great ideas and inspirations!!

  2. BELLA!! YOUR AWESOME!! Thank you so much for featuring me again. It makes me so happy that you love my stuff! Your too sweet and YOU and your sweet comments make me happy!! Your a wonderful new bloggy friend! <3

    p.s.s WOW what a AWESOME list of features!!!

  3. Really awesome links!! I love the chair makeover and the pantry organizer!!!

  4. GIRL!! You are gunna LOVE this!!

  5. Thanks so much for all the kind words and for featuring me! You are too nice! Can't see what you make with your cereal boxes =o)


  6. Um yeah Thanks AMI for sharing that, hello I knew saving my newspapers would serve a purpose other than weed stopper in my garden, hehe. So sweet to think of me, when you saw that. :)


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