Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 2nd day of school, and a lesson on taking way to many pictures.

Hey guys I've been reading many of you had a hard time with sending your child off to school. Be it the first day of preschool, kindergarden, or even middle school. Shoot some may even be seeing their babies off to college. Whatever your case may be, you are not alone in feeling a bit emotional. It's normal, and if you are one of those moms who takes a million pictures to document every step of the way, I too find that normal, in fact I could not imagine it any other way.

Even though I could still remember like yesterday my oldest son's first day of preschool, or kindergarden, I would find it very hard to remember exactly what he wore, what kind of backpack he had, what my garden looked like 6 years ago (I have been taking a pic on the first day of school in front of our home since the first day of school). Many little details that may seem irrelevant suddenly become very much so, especially if you couldn't look back at all those pics and smile.

I have spent the last couple hours going thru thousands, and thousands of pics of my family, and friends. If you are anything like me, you will have something similar going on. Although I feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of work, should I ever decide to organize them. I feel very satisfied with the fact that I can easily say I don't have many instances where I wish I would have taken more pics. I am completely trigger happy, but you know what, it's not very unusual for you to go through an entire event, with hundreds of pictures, only to end up with a handful that are really worthy of printing, displaying, sending in an email, posting to your blog, or sharing with friends and family. My point being that if you didn't have all those pics to choose from, what would you do?

So for all of you whose kids went to school today, you are not alone. Cuddle up to your favorite photo album and rejoice in all the wonderful memories you have, thanks to your trigger happy finger.

My two are on the right. What a fun day for them, my princess started kindergarden, and went on the school bus, she was so excited. My big B started middle school, and well you know, boy middle school, all the coolness that goes along with that. How will I ever make it through these soon to be teenage years. Man oh man. I love them both very much, and am proud of them. Little Dino D broke down in tears when his sister got on the bus, he didn't want her to go, I guess. It was really cute.

I have an awesome post coming up about my Sunday lunch creation. I made an incredible 4 meals with a few pounds of fish (mahi mahi). Talk about stretching the wallet. This was so much fun, and I can't wait to show you guys all about it.



  1. Had a similar day on Monday when Neil started Pre-K... felt silly coz he's been in daycare since he was a few months old anyway... but there's something emotional about putting them in a big-boy uniform and sending them off :((

    I got SOOO used to having him around me all the time this summer... :)

  2. So now that he is in school, are you going back to work, or are you free to stay home still. Nothing beats being there to send them off, and welcome them home from school. Im so lucky to be able to be here. Can't believe how these kids are growing. Time flies for sure. :)


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