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Feel Good Wednesdays ~ Mango Lassi ~

Welcome to my very first edition of:


Please grab a button and add it to your blog, post, or sidebar. Tell your friends to come join in, and I look forward to learning from you, and being inspired by you every Wednesday.

My goal is simple. Every Wednesday I will share with you, something that makes me feel good, and I will challenge you every week to try something new, that will hopefully make you feel good too. 

I will share many healthy recipes, talk to you about organic food, and how you can slowly start to eat healthier, even on a budget. I will challenge you to try new foods. I will challenge you to drink more water, and eat more fruit. I will challenge you try meatless every once in a while.

I will ask you to join me in my mission to getting my body healthy. By getting my mind healthy, by feeding my soul, by breathing fresh air, and taking a walk. I will challenge you to try yoga, to go for a run, to do some leg lifts while watching TV. I will show you how to do squats while brushing your teeth. I will also challenge you every week, by giving you a new activity to accomplish. This can be something as simple as do 10 pushups a day for the next week. Before you know it those shoulders are going to start getting buff :)

I will also share my WIWW posts here as well. I urge you to give it a try, dress up, and take a couple pics. You can't even begin to understand what a loving and supportive community of woman we have in blogland. I always receive the most heartfelt support and compliments when I do those posts. It really makes me FEEL GOOD every time. 

I will be working on promoting a couple other parties every Wednesday that go along with my 
FEEL GOOD theme, and hope you enjoy linking to those as well. I just want to give you some great resources, to go get inspired to be happy, live healthy, and look good, which in turn makes us :
Please check out these other parties, I personally recommend them :)

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Now let me show you how to beat the heat with this yummy, cooling recipe for

This is my favorite way to make this drink. 

*Equal part organic yogurt 
*Equal part mango pulp, or fresh, or frozen mango

At this point if you have used the mango pulp, no need for extra sugar, as it is sweet enough, if you added fresh or frozen fruit, you may want it sweeter. I like to add 100% fruit preserves to my shakes, they add the sweetness I want, plus some extra flavor, or add your sweetener of choice. 

P.S. You can always add ice if you want, or FROZEN milk, oh yeah!!!

In addition to the mango for this shake I also added :
*frozen strawberries, and banana
*coconut milk (instead of reg milk)

Thats it people, now drink up. My shake is super thick, just the way I like it. This is FULL of protein, and since I use fat free yogurt, it's super healthy too. 

This weeks CHALLENGE:
1. Give yogurt a chance, and I'm not talking go-gurt. Go for the real stuff, and PLAIN. Flavor it yourself, with fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or even 100% real fruit preserves. You will LOVE it, and nothing is better when it's hot outside. A MANGO LASSI will surely cool you off, since Mango's are naturally a cooling fruit. Try it!!!

2. Put on a dress, or a pair of pants, that doesn't fit, and link up. We will be working on getting out bums into those outfits. 

3. How many sit ups can you do? Full on sit ups, Remember to pretend you have an orange under your chin, don't strain your neck, and place those footsies under a sofa, or have your kid sit on them. Now contract those abs, and REALLY focus on doing a crunch. Count, and when you just can't do anymore, DON'T stop, and do 3 more, even if you think you'r going to die. Do this every day, for one week, and let us know how much you improved. :)

Ok, that's it for this week. I hope you take my challenge, and that it helps. I can't wait to hear all about it next week. 

In the mean time, please share with us, ANY post on healthy eating, working out, and of course looking good. Strut your stuff ladies, and make sure to go say hello to the other parties I linked to. Trust me they are full of inspiration, and you will FEEL GOOD. 

Now LINK UP, and of course TELL YOUR FRIENDS. 
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  1. Mango Lassi! they are yum and in India we just got over the Mango Season, i just can't get enough of them!

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  2. Ooohhh I love mangos! I gotta try this with the kiddos! We do love yogurt over here though I must say and Go-gurt freaks me out!

  3. OMG, this looks soooooooooo good!

  4. I love mango lassi and made my own smoothie version of them a few months back - now I'm sadly without my blender as it's a few states away and experimenting with using my food processor to make smoothies - it's an adventure for sure!

  5. YUM! This looks amazing!
    I'm so excited you visited my blog so I could find yours, I love it girl! I cannot wait to read more and to see more delicious recipes like this :)


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